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This is for you, breezy people who seek the completeness in living . The most comfortable place for you to start your new family, or to own your first home.

Located in strategic location of Lippo Village, which allows you for easy access to everywhere. It’s perfect for you who have eminent spirit, allowing you to discover infinite possibilities in your life with bliss and optimism.


Comfortable, yet spacious and accessible. Now it’s possible to brighten up your first home. Alike our lives, our Cendana tree is powered by vitality. Therefore, we built Cendana Icon under the ‘Vibrant chapter’ to encourage and support your pursuit of wellness and an active lifestyle by pairing it with stylish modern design to cultivate optimistic energy, so you can continue living vibrantly and open the next chapter of your life.

Unit Type

Icon Villa

(Standard & Corner)

Icon Residence

(Standard & Corner)

Icon Cottage

(Standard & Corner)

Icon Plaza



Everybody Deserves to Live Vibrantly

Feel free to have a look at the Lippo Village area, or even roam arounds– so you and your family could experience its vibrant cityscape that will satisfy your needs. Excited to see it in person?

Visit our show unit at:

Jl. Panunggangan No.76, RT.002/RW.008, West Panunggangan, Cibodas, Tangerang City, Banten 15138

Cendana Icon